Jacque Rabbit are a high quality and dynamic four piece rock covers band who love to perform and have fun onstage. The lads have a wide ranging repertoire but specialise in early 70s rock and music derivative of that period (Muse for example). They also cover numbers by bands such as Deep Purple, Focus, Jethro Tull, Thin Lizzy, Steely Dan, early Status Quo, Judas Priest, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, etc. Besides playing public music venues, Jacque Rabbit are also available for all types of functions, including birthdays, weddings and parties, that require an exciting rock band.

The members of Jacque Rabbit are all pro musicians/music teachers and the band was formed in 2011 when Staffordshire Performing Arts colleagues, Andy Cope and Mike Clowes were compelled into a mission of the highest order – an extra curricula activity to placate the gods of rock and help maintain the gods’ pleasure with mankind. Indeed, there was much chinking of goblets and merriment (all with the hearty approval of Bacchus himself) upon the formation of this unholy alliance!

Spearheaded by twin lead guitars, a drum kit the size of a small city, and lots of dry ice, Jacque Rabbit brings fun, excitement and top notch musicianship to any event whether its a party, a pub or festival stage.